Welcome to the Riverside Nature Center

»Discover  …  the native beauty of the Texas Hill Country
»Learn  …  about hundreds of unique Hill Country plants, birds and other wildlife
»Explore  a vibrant part of the Texas landscape

Plants & Trees

Explore our gardens and native areas. Learn about Hill Country plants and wildlife and what they have to offer to our daily living. As a Texas Parks and Wildlife certified Wildscape, Riverside Nature Center offers the following:

          •Over 140 species of trees including some rare and endangered specimens
          •Outstanding collection of native Texas Hill Country plants
          •Approximately 200 species of wildflowers
          •Xeric garden with cactus and other low water-use plants
          •Ethnobotany berm with herbs and medicinal plants
          •Butterfly plant garden
          •Natural area along the Guadalupe River trail for bird and wildlife habitat