Our People

Becky Etzler
Current Position: Executive Director

Why I love nature? Nature has taught me many lessons throughout my life. The most valuable being patience, perseverance, and optimism. For this I am indebted and hope to repay her through my work at Riverside Nature Center.

Lydia Jetson
Current Position: Executive Assistant

Why I love Nature? I enjoy being “in the woods and in the middle of the city at the same time” here at Riverside Nature Center!

Susan M Sander
Current position: Naturalist

Why I love nature? Because it fills me with wonder (I wonder what this is. I wonder why it’s growing here. I wonder what that bird is doing. I wonder what this tiny plant will grow into.) There’s always something new to see and learn about. I don’t even mind weeding!

Jeanette Watson
Current Position: Operations Manager

Why I love nature? Beside the beauty, the intricate mystery that nature constantly reveals is fascinating. So much of the vast array of nature can be seen at RNC.

Matthew Thurlow
Current Position: Building & Grounds Assistant

Why I love nature? Most of my life, I’ve been lucky to have been personally and professionally associated with nature. Riverside Nature Center is an urban oasis, showing the diversity of our unique landscape.

Carl Hix
Current Position: Bookkeeper/Membership

Why I love nature? I have always marveled at critters and plants and began to recently realize over the last 20 years the beauty of it all. Nature is God’s handiwork and part of life’s blessings. Loving Nature to me is the same as loving our creator.