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Exploring Mass Extinction Events with Michael McGinnis, PhD

Achieving Balance: Fire Resistance in the Landscape
Honey Bee Hive as a Super Organism

Mountain Lions & Black Bears in Texas

Dark Skies with Bill Wren

Bluebirding Basics
A “Messy” Yard or a Wildlife Winter Wonderland?
EduScape Talk & Tour: Soil Management
Invasive Species Impact on Texas Waters

Conservation Through Irrigation

Roof Reliant Landscaping with Billy Kniffen

A Sampling of Scenery

Axis Deer Control Project PDF

Kevin Wessels presentation of “What Birds Tell Us About Our Environment.”
EduScape Talk & Tour Virtual Series: Hillside Stewardship: Reducing Erosion and Catching Water

To view or download a PDF of the information presented click here: HILLSIDE_STEWARDSHIP_Part1

Aquifer Demonstration Model
Late Cretaceous Geography