Big Give!

Planting Seeds for the Future
Causes: Environment, Education, Youth

Riverside Nature Center is so much more than a outdoor destination. It is an arboretum. It is a native garden. It is a wildlife sanctuary. It is a dynamic ecosystem. It is a community resource and a classroom for environmental education. Increasing public awareness of our environment and natural resources is our heart and motivation.

At Riverside Nature Center we are planting the seeds for the future, literally and figuratively.

Your Big Give donation will allow us to expand our educational programming to include all the area 2nd Graders, just as we already do for our KISD 4th Graders. Our plan is to develop a full day of hands-on environmental activities designed for the 7 year old mind. Local teachers are on board, the issue lies in the funding.

Transportation is expensive and field trips are limited. Unless Riverside Nature Center can offer a “sweet deal” the program has little chance of becoming a reality.

Please help us take the issue of economy out the equation and focus on the issue of ecology!<a

June – August

KDT-Family NightColor4-17-17

Call for details! 830.257.4837