Native Healing Garden

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The Native Healing Garden strives to grow, maintain and protect native medicinal plants. In addition, we hope to educate and empower the public to recognize and connect with the healing Earth.

Plants have been used as medicine throughout history. That knowledge was passed down thru the generations. Are you interested in learning how to create a native medicinal apothecary in your back yard? Please come join us. We learn how to use the plants that grow here to keep us healthy and, of course, have fun in the process! We meet the 3rd Friday of each month for class and to tend our garden at Riverside. Call or email to join our group or to learn more of what we have to offer.

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Autumn Sage                           Rock Rose                             Agarita
Salvia greggii                         Pavonia lasiopetala               Mahonia trifoliolata


Medical Disclaimer

The Riverside Nature Center and the Native Healing Garden do not intend to provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided in class is for general use only. You should always seek the advice of a medical professional for any specific condition.

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Attend the medicinal garden and learn about the plantings and their healing properties, then enjoy a potluck meal and a presentation on the herb of the month. Bring gloves and a healthy herbal dish to share.healing garden

For details on upcoming workshops and events, please contact the Riverside Nature Center.